Journal of EuroAsian

No: 1 ; Volume: 1 ; Year: 2007

OJED Got Started 

Asc. Prof. Dr. Celalettin R. ÇELEBİ


Dear Colleagues, 

Online Journal of EuroAsian Dermatology ( OJED ) is a free-access online journal of dermatologists in EuroAsian region. OJED is the official publication of EuroAsian Dermatology Platform ( EDP ) which was established December 17, 2001 in Ankara, Turkey and aimed to improve healthcare for skin patients, to stimulate the cooperation of Dermatologists and their societies, to support the regional progress of Dermatology Education, care and sciences and to promote personal and professional relations among the dermatologists of EuroAsian Region. OJED will be published biannually at the beginning. 

As a popular region recently, EuroAsia and the dermatologists of this region will have an important platform to talk, to discuss and to exchange ideas, solutions and to communicate positively through OJED. I invite all the dermatologists of the region to take part actively in OJED.

In the Ist issue of OJED, I would like to present the lectures of Ist EuroAsian Dermatology Platform (14th June 2007 , İstanbul, Turkey). OJED welcomes the papers of, not only the EuroAsian Dematologists, but also the world dermatologists.

Sending my Best Wishes and Regards, I am ending my words with the lines of a famous holy Turkish poet translated by me:

           Hey Small Green Leaf, tell me!
           How did you find the power to get out of your branch?
           How did you get out of your darkness?
           Tell us,
           You should tell us the truth how we can get the light,
           How we can get out of our chambers.

           Hey Cypress Tree,
           You grow on the soil,
           But you proudly jump up to the skies!
           Whom you learned this?
           How do you do that?
           Please let us know how you reach up to the Skies.


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